June 19, 2017
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2017 REACH Home Run Challenge

Participate in the 2017 REACH Home Run Challenge & you could Win Cubs or White Sox Tickets!

Sign up for the REACH Homerun Challenge today! Visit the REACH portal for more information & sign-up.

Cubs- General Manager Phil Kambic VS White Sox-General Manager Kyle Benoit 

Watch the Cubs General Manager's promo video here

Objective: Team with the most home runs will win the challenge. First place team will earn 40 REACH “Healthy Habit” points. Second place team will earn 20 REACH “Healthy Habits” points.

Dates: Six week challenge. Starts June 19th through July 31st. Sign-ups June 5th through June 25th. Drawing for tickets will be Wednesday, August 2nd.

Any participant who logs 300,000 verified steps (from a wearable device linked to their REACH Portal) during the 6 week challenge will be entered to win a pair of tickets from the team they signed up for (Cubs or White Sox September Game). A winner will be selected from each team.


Cubs - General Manager Phil Kambic

White Sox - General Manager Kyle Benoit

How are runs calculated? Based on weekly team average Monday through Sunday. Riverside Analytics department reviewed data from our past walking challenge and came up with the breakdown below:

  • < 44k steps – 0 runs
  • 44k-46k steps – 1 run
  • 46k-48k steps – 2 runs
  • 48k – 50k steps – 3 runs
  • More than 50k steps – 4 runs

Runs will be updated every Monday of the challenge.

Ties will be broken by the total number of steps the assigned GM’s earn during the challenge. The GM with the most steps will serve as the tie breaker.

Participants do not have to have a wearable tracking device to participate in team challenge. They can use their phone app and manually enter the steps. However, to be entered into the contest to win tickets a wearable device must be linked to the participants REACH portal for verified steps.

Don’t have a tracking device? A Fitbit Zip can be purchased through the REACH department for $20 prior to the start of the challenge. Contact Lynn Christian @ extension 6078 if you would like one, supplies are limited.

Already have a wearable device linked to your REACH portal? Take the time to double check that your steps are uploading properly to your account.