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June is PTSD Awareness Month!
PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) is a mental health problem that some people develop after experiencing or witnessing a life-threatening event, like combat, a natural disaster, a car accident, or sexual assault.

According to a 2015 national survey, first responders, including police officers, paramedics, emergency med techs, firefighters and emergency workers, are 10 times more likely to attempt suicide on average than other people.

Veterans, first responders and others face traumatic events every day as part of their profession. This can include traffic or physical accidents, physical or sexual assault, mugging, robbery or family violence; mass traumatic events, severe weather events, and witnessing terrible things. Experiencing a traumatic event can impact people in different ways. One person may perceive an event as deeply traumatic, while another person does not. This is why it’s critical we all know and understand the signs and symptoms of PTSD and know what to do if someone around us is struggling.
If a person is experiencing the following symptoms 4+ weeks after a trauma, encourage professional help.

  1. Are still very upset or fearful.
  2. Seem unable to escape intense, ongoing feelings of distress.
  3. Withdraw from family or friends and/or important relationships are suffering.
  4. Feel jumpy or have trauma-related nightmares.
  5. Can’t stop thinking about the trauma.
  6. Are unable to enjoy life at all.
  7. Have post-traumatic symptoms that are interfering with usual activities.

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or to ask about your EAP benefits.

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Phil & Marsha Join us from the Chapel

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Eligibility for Rehire and Service Recognition

Prior to a voluntary termination or at the time of an involuntary termination, Riverside Healthcare management will communicate to an employee whether he/she is eligible for rehire, and if any conditions exist that would affect the rehire eligibility process. Staff who leave Riverside in good standing and later want to return are eligible for consideration for rehire. This eligibility status will also be used to determine who is eligible to complete clinical rotations, internships, or volunteer assignments at Riverside. Rehired employees who meet eligibility criteria will also be given credit for prior years of service.

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Increase Your Financial Literacy!

Come by our Financial Literacy booth as part of the Magnet & College Fair located at Hoover on 5/16 & 5/18!

We’re teaming up with Jennifer Frahm, Empower Retirement Counselor, and Lisa Clarkson, Benefit Consultant with Woodruff Financial, to bring you information to help you save money, plan for the future, and better understand the total rewards Riverside provides to get you to your financial goals.

We’ll also be holding two virtual meetings 5/23 at Noon and 5/25 at 6:30pm. These meetings are for employees and spouses who currently have or are considering a health savings account. Some topics will be… tax and premium savings, how to use your HSA, growing your HSA by investing, lowering prescription costs, and more!

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