Advantages of Health Savings Accounts

As you start thinking about Open Enrollment this fall, you may be considering enrolling in a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) for significant savings on health insurance premiums. The best part of the HDHP plan is that you are eligible for a Health Savings Account (HSA). An HSA allows you to save money for qualified medical expenses that you’re expecting, such as contact lenses or monthly prescriptions, as well as unexpected ones —now and in the future.

Why have an HSA?
You own it – The money is yours until you spend it, including Riverside’s contributions of $750-$1000 annually. You keep it, even if you change jobs, health plans or retire.

Tax savings – HSA’s help you plan, save and pay for health care, all while saving on taxes. For example, if you make an annual contribution of $1,200. The annual income tax savings could add up to $452 (25% federal | 5% state | 7.65% FICA)

  • The money you deposit is federal income tax-free.
  • Savings grow income tax-free.
  • Withdrawals for qualified medical expenses are also income tax-free.

It’s not just for doctor visits – Once you’ve contributed to your account, you can use the funds in your HSA to pay for qualified medical expenses such as: Dental care, including extractions and braces, Vision care, including contact lenses, prescription sunglasses and LASIK surgery, Prescription medications and certain over-the-counter drugs, Chiropractic services, Acupuncture, etc.

Save for the future – Your HSA rolls over from year to year, so you can continue to grow your savings and use it in the future – even into retirement.

If you would like to know more, be sure to attend a benefit meeting during Open Enrollment for details and to have all of your questions answered.

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Riverside’s health plans cover preventive services

Riverside’s health plans cover preventive services — like immunizations and screenings — at no cost to you when delivered by an in network provider. It’s important to get your annual checkups, screenings, vaccinations and tests when you need them for early detection of health concerns. By catching things early, you can prevent more serious diseases like diabetes and heart disease. It’s also lot less expensive to practice preventive healthcare than to only seek help when there’s a problem. Click here to see a summary of preventive services covered by our health plan.

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Empower Retirement – New Web Experience

Bringing your full financial view together is easy and secure

Retirement. Credit. Cash. Mortgage. All in one place.

As a part of the Riverside Healthcare Retirement Plans, beginning May 11, 2022, you will have access to an account dashboard through Empower that offers a real-time view of spending, saving, debt and more with a single login. Plus, you can link accounts with to easily track, manage and plan for all your financial priorities — and get a clear view of your estimated net worth.

Banking-level security and risk management security protocols include multifactor authentication, proactive security alerts and device fingerprinting. Strict access controls ensure privacy so that linked accounts are not visible to anyone at Riverside Healthcare or at Empower.

Log in into your account at to see your full financial view. For a video tour of the new participant web experience, click here. If you have questions, call Empower at 866-467-7756. Representatives and translation services are available Mondays through Fridays between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. and Saturdays between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Central time.

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Dental Health and Prevention

More than 36% of adults don’t see their dentist all year.  When you schedule a dental checkup, you don’t waste your benefits.  That’s just one of three great reasons to get a checkup! 

  1. You get the most value from your benefits.  Checkups are covered 100% on our Delta Dental plans.
  2. You can get easier and less expensive treatment.  Early detection can help prevent costly and complex procedures.
  3. You decrease your risk of disease.  A dental cleaning removes plaque and tartar to help prevent cavities and gum disease.  Plus, your dentist looks for early signs of oral cancer, tooth decay and more. 

So take care of your oral and overall health and get your next exam on your calendar today!

Be sure to read the Delta Dental information provided on the Benefit Information page (InforESS) for details about our dental plans.  Go to find a provider, view your benefits, order another ID card, and more. 

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