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Dental Health and Prevention

More than 36% of adults don’t see their dentist all year.  When you schedule a dental checkup, you don’t waste your benefits.  That’s just one of three great reasons to get a checkup! 

  1. You get the most value from your benefits.  Checkups are covered 100% on our Delta Dental plans.
  2. You can get easier and less expensive treatment.  Early detection can help prevent costly and complex procedures.
  3. You decrease your risk of disease.  A dental cleaning removes plaque and tartar to help prevent cavities and gum disease.  Plus, your dentist looks for early signs of oral cancer, tooth decay and more. 

So take care of your oral and overall health and get your next exam on your calendar today!

Be sure to read the Delta Dental information provided on the Benefit Information page (InforESS) for details about our dental plans.  Go to find a provider, view your benefits, order another ID card, and more. 

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2022 Benefit Reminders

Now that you have enrolled 

Now that you have enrolled, your new benefits will be effective 1/1/2022.

  • ID Cards
    • Medical  Your UMR Health Insurance ID cards will arrive in the mail by the end of December. Be sure to take your ID card with you when you go to the pharmacy or to your doctors and other medical appointments.
    • Dental  You will only receive a new dental card if you are new to the plan or changed plans.
    • Vision  There is no ID card for vision… you simply make your appointment with a VSP provider and they will look you up in their system. 
  • Be sure to log on to
    • Visit on your desktop or tablet device. If you already have an account, simply click the Login/Register button in the upper-right corner.
    •  If it’s your first time visiting us, click the Login/Register button in the upper-right corner to open an account. Make sure you have your ID card handy and follow the steps to get started.
    • View your medical claims and access your pharmacy benefits.  Check in at your convenience to see if a claim has been processed and what you might owe.
    • Find a doctor in network
    • Learn about medical conditions and your treatment options 
  • Optum Bank® HSA and FSA
    • Log on to to register and be sure to check out the many educational resources such as videos and webinars for help with using and making the most of your HSA account
    • If you are new to Optum Bank, you will be receiving a welcome packet to your home address from Optum Bank with instructions for setting up your account. 
    • Pay out-of-pocket for eligible health care costs by using your Optum Bank debit Mastercard®. The card is accepted everywhere Mastercard® is. Your card will be mailed to your home address.
    • Use the convenient mobile app to check your balance, view your claims, monitor payments, receive messages, and submit or save receipts.
    • Optum Bank® FSA (Flexible Spending Account) – If you have a remaining balance from 2021, you can use your Optum Bank debit Mastercard to spend down your remaining balance. You will have until 3/15/22 to incur claims and until the end of the month to submit those claims.
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Open Enrollment

It’s time to Enroll! Employee Benefit Open Enrollment 2022

Employee Benefit Open Enrollment begins October 25th and will close at 6pm on November 15th.  All changes will be effective January 1, 2022.  

It is important to remember that this is an “active” Open Enrollment, which means you must enroll or your coverage will end.  

Please watch the Open Enrollment Video on the InforESS Benefit Information page for important information regarding changes for the new year.  The updated Benefit Guide and full Benefit Presentation is a great source of information for all your benefits. Once you have reviewed the Benefit Information and have made your decisions, click on Open Enrollment to select your 2022 benefits.

If you still have questions, there are a number of virtual meetings scheduled.  See the attached OE Notice for details and for the link to Calendly where you can schedule an individual meeting with me. 

Open Enrollment is your annual opportunity to review, enroll in or make changes to medical, dental, vision Life, LTD, HSA, FSA and voluntary benefits, as well as add or drop coverage for eligible dependents: 

Go to the Benefits Information page on the Infor Employee Self Service portal for more detailed information for these plans such as plan documents, summaries, physician lists, and more to help you make your benefit enrollment decisions.

Click Here To Get Started!

Go to the Open Enrollment Page from the link above to make your benefit selections.  During Open Enrollment, you can begin and come back to the enrollment platform as needed to complete your enrollment as long as you submit your elections by the 6pm, 11/15/2021. 

By participating in the REACH Employee Wellness program, you will save $780 on health insurance premiums by completing Level 1 and another $520 on your spouse’s premiums if they participate as well.  Based on your participation, these amounts are reflected in the premiums you will see as you enroll.  Additionally, you can still earn up to $520 in Wellness Credit by completing all levels of REACH.

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Put your HSA to work

If you are enrolled in an HSA eligible health plan, you may receive an email from Empower Retirement about the tax advantages of saving more in your Health Savings Account (HSA).  Did you know that you can change the amount at any time throughout the year?  Below are instructions for updating your HSA contributions in your InforESS (employee self-service portal):

Questions? Contact Christi Landeck, Benefits Coordinator at or extension 37255.

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Tips to Lower Your Prescription Costs

Help to lower your prescription costs…  

  • Generic Medications:  Using generic medications can provide significant cost savings. Ask your provider or pharmacist if there is a generic treatment option available and if it is appropriate for you. 
  • Different Medication Choice:  Oftentimes, there is more than one medication option to treat the same condition.  If it seems your cost is high, ask your pharmacist if there are any alternatives you can suggest to your provider.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions – your provider wants to prescribe the best option for you, but sometimes, there is more than one – and it may be worth it to ask.
  • Different Pharmacies:  Out-of-pocket costs of medications are very important to know. OptumRx has an online tool that tells you how much your prescription costs and helps you shop around for the lowest price at different pharmacies in your area.
  • Coupon Savings:  There are many discount programs you can find online that may provide cost savings compared to the out-of-pocket prices. There are a number of websites out there,, and are a few.  Or go to Google and search coupons using the name of your medication and dosage.  Coupons aren’t available for all medications and not all coupons will apply toward your deductible and out-of-pocket amounts on your medical plan.
  • Patient Assistance Programs:  Many drug manufacturers offer Patient Assistance Programs. The most reliable way to find if financial assistance is available is through the manufacturer’s website (you may find the name of a drug’s manufacturer during your Google search). 

Prescriptions are typically less expensive if you utilize OptumRx, rather than a retail pharmacy. OptumRx can apply coupons and discounts as well even if they are not listed as an option on the manufacture’s site.  Once you have your coupon or discount information you may call OptumRx at the number listed on the back of your UMR Health Insurance Card and ask them to apply the coupon savings to your prescription.

Don’t Skip Important Medications!  The most important thing you can do for your health is to stay on track with your necessary medications. While it is tempting to skip doses, or just forego filling a prescription altogether, this will often result in worsening your illness or condition. Ultimately, going untreated or under-treated can lead to far more serious and expensive health care outcomes, such as hospitalizations, more prescription medications, missed workdays, and an overall lack of well-being. Keep up with your daily medications, and always ask your provider before stopping medications. Take advantage of preventive appointments and annual well-check appointments. Communicate with your pharmacist and provider to make sure you understand why you are taking each medication. We want you to have the best possible health outcomes. Be an advocate for your own health by working with your pharmacist and provider to find the most affordable and effective solutions together.

If you still find that you can’t afford your medications and need assistance, please feel free to call for help:

  • Christi Landeck, Benefit Coordinator – Ext 37255
  • Lynn Christian, REACH Wellness and Outreach Manager – Ext 37264  
  • Claims assistance with our broker, WFI – 866-256-6660
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