DAISY Award: Mike C.

Meet our newest DAISY award recipient, Mike Cullinan. Mike is an Emergency Services Registered Nurse at Riverside Healthcare. The DAISY Award is an honor that recognizes the exceptional, skillful, and compassionate care these nurses demonstrate for our patients and families every day.

His nomination read, “Mike is an excellent example of what all people in the nursing profession should strive to be. He provides exception care to all of his patients and always goes above and beyond for their needs, no matter what extreme circumstances he and his ED team face every single day. Not only is Mike a fantastic nurse, but he is also one of the best coworkers anyone could ask for. Mike offers so much support and reassurance to everyone in the department. No matter how tough the night may be, Mike is always there offering help wherever needed and does his absolute best to support one another when we are all stressed out. Recently, Mike has served as relief charge nurse and does an extraordinary job at it. One night that stands out, July 5th; was a very busy night. Mike was in charge and like always, the department was extremely short staffed yet Mike was able to run the department like no other. Aside from being in charge of the ED, Mike also had his own assignment and also juggled a variety of tasks such as answering the EMS radio and making sure that patients were moving in and out of the ED appropriately, to accommodate all of the patients that continued to check in all night. From the start to the end of that shift not a single hour went by without multiple patients checking in, yet Mike did not allow that to affect him or his work ethic. Mike is always putting the needs of others before his own which shows just how amazing of a person he is. Mike is extremely liked by others and does not give himself enough credit for everything he does for the ED. If you were to ask anyone in the ED, they would say Mike is one of the best preceptors, coworker, friend and nurse Riverside has to offer. I am grateful to get to work with a nurse that inspires others to become a better person. Mike is very deserving of this award and should be recognized for the differences he makes in his patients and coworkers.” #DAISYaward

If you have had or witnessed extraordinary nursing care and would like to nominate your Riverside Healthcare nurse, visit http://bit.ly/Riverside_Daisy

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DAISY Award Winner: Sam R.

Congratulations to Riverside Healthcare’s most recent DAISY Award winner, 5 East RN Sam Ruffolo! Family, co-workers, and leaders gathered to help her celebrate.

The nationwide DAISY award program recognizes nurses’ exceptional clinical skills and compassion. Sam was nominated for her outstanding patient care.

“Let me begin by simply saying, that nurses are Angels! If you ask me how I know this, simply put, it’s because of the way they made me feel. Many times you can’t always put into words those emotions which are felt, due to the fact that emotions can be such as a superficial or visceral feeling. I want to talk about my angel Sam Longo. Sam had been my nurse for the night shift while I was here at Riverside. I came into the hospital not feeling well, and of course a little bit scared. During the course of my stay, all of the staff on 5 East I could see were working so hard. The floor seemed to be busy with hustle and bustle each day I was here, even into the night shift. When I found out that Sam was going to be my nurse after she introduced herself to me the first night that we met, I instantly felt that without even knowing why, that I was in the hands of someone who was meant to be doing what she was apparently called to do. As I got to know Sam a bit better, her demeanor was always calm and professional. She explained all aspects of my care to me very thoroughly, and took an enormous amount of time to answer my never ending questions. Sam could sense that I was still uneasy about the uncertainty of my situation even after she answered the million questions I asked her. While sensing this, Sam never left my side throughout the night. Of course I don’t mean that she never left my room, rather the lasting impression she left upon me when she left the room continued to stay with me the entire night. What I did not realize while she was there with me explaining everything, became apparently clear to me when she left my room to see her other patients. That realization was the lasting impression and impact that her kind, and soft words had on me. Even though I was blessed enough to not be in terrible health as some unfortunate patients on the floor had I’m sure, Sam never let it show that any of her other patients took any more priority than me. For that feeling alone, I am and will be forever grateful and blessed to have not felt that my needs took any backset to anyone else. Riverside has always had a great reputation, and I have had my care here for many years. It is so refreshing to still see so much compassion and kindness out there from nurses who have been through hell and back with the global pandemic. I am sorry that this letter has gone a bit long in the tooth, however in life, there are enough things that are always pointed out that can be improved, but not always are those extraordinary examples of angels like my nurse Sam are brought front and center. Sam has a gift and more importantly, she knows how to use that gift. Thank you Riverside for having such a nurse, and as I said starting out, Sam was my angel.”

To nominate a nurse, or learn more about this program visit bit.ly/Riverside_Daisy

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DAISY Winner: Jackie G.

Let’s recognize our newest DAISY Award winner, recovery room RN Jackie Granger! The DAISY Award is an honor that recognizes the exceptional, skillful, and compassionate care these nurses demonstrate for our patients and families every day.

Her nomination read: “On Thursday, June 9th, 2022, I had some vocal cord surgery. I have no family and a friend was out of town. Each nurse, tech and OR people were all very pleasant and caring. While I am an employee and do work at the PCD central waiting desk, I felt, as a patient, the need to share my remarkable experience. The first thing I remember [when] waking in the PACU was Jackie handing me [a] tissue to cough. The procedure was a bit rough on me and I was feeling emotional. I know this is going to sound cheesy, but part of our mission [is] to provide the kindest touch. Well, I experienced it in PACU from Jackie. She held my hand, she touched my cheek, she tried fixing my hair, she talked to me in such a calm and caring tone of voice. Jackie really cared about me and taking care of me. No matter how old a person is or what their life appears to look like, no one really knows what is going on inside of them. Sometimes we all need a reminder of why, as employees, we are here. Thank you, Jackie, for reminding me.”

Congratulations Jackie! Well deserved! #DAISY

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DAISY Winner: Katie O.

We are celebrating our fourth-floor Rehab RN Katie Odell as our most recent DAISY Award Winner. The DAISY Award is an honor that recognizes the exceptional, skillful, and compassionate care these nurses demonstrate for our patients and families every day. Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer LaTivia Carr, along with Riverside President and C.E.O. Phil Kambic were on hand today to present the award. At the same time, coworkers and family stood nearby to celebrate.

Her nomination read: “Katie is an exceptional nurse who truly cares about her patients and fellow coworkers. Katie is always there to lend a helping hand when it is needed. Often she will move around her schedule and transfer to nights and help out when we are short-staffed. She will do it without complaints and with a big smile on her face. As for Katie’s patients, she is always there to listen, educate and overall make patients feel comfortable in their time of worry. Katie does not know, but I was in passing one day and overheard Katie listen to the concerns of her patient. This patient had a new brace placed on her foot and she was unable to afford shoes that would fit around the brace. This was hindering the patient’s ability to fully participate in therapy sessions. The very next day Katie walked in and gifted her patient with shoes that would properly fit around her brace, so she could be successful with her rehab journey. This patient would no longer have to worry about the financial burden of new shoes and could focus on returning to her health. Katie truly is selfless and a wonderful team member. I wish Katie never changes and continues on her remarkable journey as an R.N.”

If you have had or witnessed extraordinary nursing care and would like to nominate your Riverside Healthcare nurse, visit http://bit.ly/Riverside_Daisy

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Congrats to our DAISY Award Team Winner: ICU

Mrs. Angela Garrelts came to us on February 27 after being at Cancer Treatment of America. She had gone there on 2/21 for an abscess that had developed 3 weeks prior. Cancer Treatment of America told Angie that she was septic and needed to be on vasopressors and temporary hemodialysis for her acute renal failure. Her renal cancer had metastasized to the bone. Angie and her family began reaching out to local hospitals to find one who could treat the sepsis and renal failure. This way she would be closer to home. Angie’s husband reached out to Phil Kambic who recommended that they come to Riverside. As the staff cared for Angela, they learned quite a bit about her personal life too. They learned that Angie’s daughter, Mindy, was going to be getting married in April. The staff were determined to get Angie well enough to make it to the wedding. Throughout the days Angie was in the ICU the staff knew it was unrealistic that Angie would make it to the wedding. Dr. Veerapanini validated this after she was consulted.

Jessica Norman and Allison Sloan approached Korene Scharp about hosting a wedding on the unit. This was a great idea and that is when the planning started. On March 2nd Jessica asked Angie, her husband Chad, and their daughter Mindy if they would like to have Mindy’s wedding in the ICU. After discussing it amongst themselves, they decided to go through with the wedding while Angie was in the ICU. Jessica and the rest of the ICU staff went straight to work, gathering wedding supplies and went shopping for all the things they needed. We had two days to plan a wedding. Mindy had decided to get married on March 4, 2022, at 11am. The staff was able to decorate room 10 and make it as beautiful as they could. They set up a beautician to do Angie’s hair for the wedding. Mindy brought in the mother of the bride dress along with her wedding dress. Marketing was gracious enough to not only take photos but also do a video that Mindy and her family will cherish for years to come. We had a wedding cake made by a family member of another patient who had been in the ICU.

It was a unit effort to get this wedding lined up within two days. After decorating ICU room 10 the day of the wedding, the staff focused on getting Angie ready for the wedding. We put her in her dress and set her up in a cardiac chair. This was the first time she had sat up in a chair in two weeks! We took her into the wedding room, as we all waited for Mindy to arrive with her father Chad. The music started and the bride walked in, as beautiful as ever. There was not a dry eye in the house. Mindy and Dustin chose to write their own vows to each other, which were beautiful. Mindy’s uncle officiated the wedding making it even more special. After the ceremony Mindy and Angie, her mother, were able to have a mother/daughter dance to a special song just for them. All the other wedding traditions were had, cake cutting, 3 of 25 Integrity – Excellence – Partnership – Stewardship dinner and time to socialize with all the staff that cared for Angie and her family. It was such a wonderful day in the ICU. This story shows just how magical nursing truly can be.

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