Employee Spotlight

DAISY Award: Katrina Whitten

Katrina is an RN at Riverside Medical Center. The DAISY Award is an honor that recognizes the exceptional, skillful, and compassionate care these nurses demonstrate for our patients and families every day.

Her nomination read, “Kat goes above and beyond as a nurse, she reads stories at bedtime to the patients/children. This comforts and helps the patients/children to fall asleep. This is something that some techs have taken into consideration and also do for the patients/children, she’s an excellent role model. Kat is extremely knowledgeable and offers different solutions with situations when necessary. Kat is very helpful with the patients/children and staff, while exhibiting her team player spirit. She’s always picking up to work extra hours, asking the techs if they want to pick up with her. She will also back up other staff with expectations to be followed by the patients/children. Kat genuinely cares about the patients/children, staff and takes pride in her nursing position. Katrina is an excellent and valuable asset to the Mental Health Specialty Unit.”

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Starfish Award Winner: Lourdes R.

Congratulations to our newest Starfish Award Winner – Lourdes Robles! Read her story below.

My dad, Robert Milton, was admitted to the ICU and eventually transferred to another floor. He was placed on Hospice care while at Riverside and wasn’t able to go home because of his condition. He passes away on October 10th, 2023 at the hospital. He had been there for 2 weeks before he passed, and I was there with him 24/7 during that time. I give all this information to paint a picture of what a very difficult and sad time it was for me, primarily because I was watching my dad slowly pass away. However, the staff at Riverside made it as comfortable as possible for both me and my dad. Every time they left the room, I was ALWAYS asked, “is there anything I can get for you?” By almost every nurse, tech, or housekeeping staff member. And they meant it – because when I did need something, they got it for me. I felt cared for and I can’t even begin to put into words how comforting that was during that sad and stressful time. The nurses, techs, and students kept my dad clean and as comfortable as possible. AMAZING job!!!! and my dad’s room was cleaned well daily, which also greatly contributed to our comfort. One housekeeping staff member in particular was so genuinely kind and compassionate. We received her care on both the ICU and med floor. Not only was she exceptional at her job duties, but she had a warm personality and it was evident she really cared about my and my dad’s comfort. I didn’t see her very much during that time, but that just makes it even more significant that I am writing this nomination for her. She had that much of a positive impact on me and my dad during that time at Riverside. We are so appreciative and she deserves to be recognized for the wonderful way she performs her job and provides needed comfort and care for the patients there. I do not even know her last name unfortunately, but her first name is Lourdes and I am hopeful there is only one Lourdes in the housekeeping department! Please let me know if I can help provide any more details to help identify her. Lourdes – Thank you SO much for the exceptional care you provided to us and for your compassionate nature and warm, friendly smile! We are very grateful. – The Robert Milton family

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Butterfly Award Winner: McKenna

Several IMCU team members, leadership, and family were on hand to share in the recognition of Riverside’s newest Butterfly Award Winner, McKenna! McKenna is a CNA on Riverside’s Intermediate Care Unit.

Her nomination read: “McKenna is a CNA on the Intermediate Care Unit. As a nurse on that floor, it is a very fast-paced environment that requires a lot of teamwork between the nurses and CNAs. Having McKenna is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to those busy nights. She is always willing to help her fellow nurses with anything. Most of the time she’s one step ahead by already having the task completed or has gathered all the supplies that are needed. She always goes above and beyond, providing exceptional and compassionate care to her patients. She is truly an example of what Riverside stands for, giving the kindest touch when providing patient care, and she connects with all of the patients and peers. She is truly an extraordinary person, and IMCU is beyond lucky to have her.”

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Let’s Celebrate February Birthdays!

Elizabeth Alberico

Ebony Alderson

Esther Algarra

Dureshahwar Ali

Roselle Almeida

Angelica Avalos

Megan Balk

Mary Ballinger

Patricia Barker

Carmen Beck

Zakk Billadeau

Tiffany Bishir

Kaity Bobadilla

Ashlei Bonk

Kimberly Braziel

Daniel Brison

Darryl Brown

Meri Brown

Toni Brown

Whitney Burns

Trina Calhoun

Ritu Chandan

Elizabeth Chase

Sanjay Chatrath

Isabella Chio

Ann Christian

Diane Clatterbuck

Dylan Clevenger

Janet Clifford

Martha Cook

Maria Correa

Grant Cox

Michele Craig

Kelly Cuffe

Nikka Culpepper

Okina Culpepper

Megan Debesa

Marissa Denault

Joseph Doris

Michele Doris

Debra Dyer

William Eberhardt

Brittany Edwards

Carmen Edwards

Teresa Ellis

Caitlin Engelking

Robert Ertl

Donna Evans

Pamela Fetherling

Chad Finley

Chad Finley

Lauren Fletcher

Brittney Ford

Nathan Frogge

Guy Fuller

Jennifer Gabehart

Angie Galvez

Kimberly Gartner

Ashley Gaytan Gonzalez

Christine Gerst

Darla Gilbert

Joan Giles

Ashley Gomez

Alicia Guttendorf

Lauren Haas

Cassie Haase

Leslie Hall

Miracle Hamilton

Holly Harder

Zoey Harer

Carolyn Harsha

Johnnie Hartline

Michelle Heintz

Maxine Heller

Kathryn Hendrix

Allison Henricks

Dana Hersha

Lindsay Hetfleisch

Rebecca Hicks

Laura Hogan

Kaden Hubly

Lauren Irps

Julie Jabaay

Cheryl Jenkins

Julia Jennings

Edwin Johnson

Tiffany Jones

Celeste Jonkman

Lindsey Jostes

Sarah Kardosh

Christa Kauchak

Darla Kemnetz

Crystal Knepper

Jean Koehler

Kelly Kohler

Paul Kozak

Elizabeth Kutemeier

Michelle Landsmann

Michelle Lavoie

Stefanie Lem

Dawn Lemay

Katherine Lenz

Cara Leonard

Lindsay Leyva

Debra Liebendorfer

Jennifer Little

Melissa Lonergan

Rebekah Long

Jasmin Lopez

Nancy Luca

Amber Macdonald

Christine Machalek

Rebecca Maldonado

Leatrice Malone

Carl Maronich

Allison Martin

Krystal Martin

Rochelle Martin

Orlando Martinez Dominguez

Laurel Matson

Stonewall Mccuiston

Julie Mclellan

Magen Meyer

Anne Miller

Sydney Milling

Angela Mills

Tammy Mills

Brenda Mohr

Charly Mpundu

Spencer Norder

Erin O’Connor

Tricia O’Connor

Sean O’Dell

Amy Ohrt

Kaylene Opitz

Kristi Panozzo

Lindsay Parks

Emery Pearson

Joan Policandriotes

Connie Ponton

Evelyn Prude

Mary Pruitt

Anne Purnell

Linda Quigley

Lijina Raj

Jill Randles

Travis Rasmussen

Tiffany Regan

Makenna Reick

Donald Reiniche

Kayla Reiniche

Sonyia Renshaw

Jaahay Reyes

Kathryn Reynolds

Alexandra Ritchie

Lashonda Robinson

Monica Robinson

Karen Rozwalka

Rachel Ryan

Maria Saldivar

Cheyenne Schoonover

Janella Schroeder

Chandra Seabaugh

Brianne Sells

Sandra Senesac

Rebecca Shipton

Brandi Skrabutenas

Emma Sliker

Johanna Smith

Brittany Spears

Anthony Stafford

Brian Steward

Matthew Sutherland

Margienell Thurman

Emma Tolly

Monty Trammel

Larry Trump

Sarah Tudor

Laurie Urbanczyk

Nilda Valenzuela

Kelsey Vance

Sarah Vandommelen

Tiffany Vanek

Belinda Villalobos

Jenna Waldvogel

Ashley Walling

Anita Wendling

Nancy Wessels

George West

Ruth Wheeler

Rene Whitaker

Deandre White

Teressa White

Heather Williams

Melanie Williams

Tara Williamson

Tazayla Wood

Karen Woodrum

Tanaija Wright

Jonah Yoest

Ashley Young

Amy Zarnowski

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