Heart and Vascular Institute

The Cardio & Neuro Diagnostics Center has moved!

Effective Wednesday, May 3rd, the Riverside Cardiac & Neuro Diagnostics Center will be located on the first floor of the north end of the hospital.

Services provided at this location include Diagnostics Services such as Echocardiogram, Electroencephalograph (EEG), Holter/Event Monitors, Stress Tests and Tilt Table Tests.

This department was previously located in the basement of the 500 Building.

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CIRA Partnership

Starting this month, Central Illinois Radiological Associates (CIRA) has partnered with Riverside Medical Group to provide outpatient Interventional Radiology (IR) clinic services. Interventional radiology is a therapeutic and diagnostic specialty that uses a wide range of minimally invasive image-guided therapeutic procedures as well as invasive diagnostic imaging. Outpatient IR clinic services were previously offered in suite B507 and will now be offered in the RMG Heart & Vascular Institute, 500 N. Wall Street, Suite C100. CIRA Radiologists will continue to support all radiology services here at Riverside. Referral workflows and phone numbers will stay the same. 

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