Memo: Veteran Employee Resource Group Survey

We encourage Riverside employees who are military members, veterans, military spouses or dependents to participate in our Veteran Employee Resource Group (ERG) survey.

Your unique perspectives and experiences are invaluable in shaping our organization’s commitment to supporting the military community. By sharing your thoughts, challenges, and needs, you provide us with the necessary insights to develop tailored programs, resources, and initiatives that address the specific concerns faced by individuals with military backgrounds. Your input enables us to foster a workplace environment that recognizes and appreciates the sacrifices you have made, while also empowering you to thrive personally and professionally. Your voice matters, and your participation in this survey will contribute to the creation of a more inclusive and supportive workplace for all members of the military community. Together, we can build an environment that honors your service and ensures your continued success.

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MEMO: 2 Med Peds Move to 5th Floor East Tower

The current 2 Med Peds unit is relocating to 5 East on June 1, 2023.

Why is the unit moving? The 2 Med Peds unit will be permanently relocating to the south end of 5 East. The space on 5 East is a more modern environment that will allow staff to provide the highest quality patient care and patient experience. The space in the East Tower offers more amenities for our patients, including larger and more comfortable rooms. This move will also bring the inpatient medical units closer together to provide efficiencies and synergies for staff.

What changes can patients and staff expect? The 5th floor of the East Tower will be comprised of 2 distinct units:

  • The south end of 5 East will be called Medical (formerly 2 Med Peds). Nurse Manager will be Whitney Trevino.
  • The North end of 5 East will be called Ortho Neuro Med. Nurse Manager will be Rachel Deacon.
    An interdisciplinary team has been working out the intricate details to ensure a seamless transition.

The team is on track to move the unit on June 1. Once all patients are moved, the 2 Med Peds floor will be decommissioned and supplies will be redistributed as necessary. The Hugs pediatric security system will be installed on Medical side of 5 East to provide security for our pediatric patients.

The goals of this initiative are:

  • Create a safe and high-quality health care environment
  • Improve staff and patient experiences
  • Optimize resource utilization & unit staffing

Thank you for your support while we continue to enhance our patients’ experience.

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