January 27, 2020
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Employees Receive VIP Treatment

A random drawing of Riverside Connection Card recipients resulted in an invitation to attend the Chicago Bears training camp at ONU on July 30. These exceptional Riverside employees and their guests were treated to VIP parking, canopy seating, a plethora of delicious food, and comfortable seating to watch the Bears practice.

Mary Green shares, "Our Sodexo chef, aptly named Smiley, cooked custom omelets to our liking and encouraged us to help ourselves to biscuits and gravy, or beef or sausage sandwiches complete with fixings. Second helpings were encouraged and nobody left hungry!"

The day cooperated fully with fluffy white clouds in a blue sky, gentle breezes and temperatures obligingly hovering well within comfort levels. The VIP hillside seating provided unobstructed views of the Chicago Bears as they punted, passed, tackled, and worked their way through a variety of plays, all the while being closely watched by the Bears coaches. But coaches weren’t the only ones watching.

The crowd paid close attention; often cheering a particularly good play on field. Talk in the seats varied from discussing a particular play, to the individual players to the Bears team as a whole.

Green continues, "Before we knew it, the whistles blew and practice was over. Many took photos and some even got autographs to help memorialize this special day."

Congratulations Riverside Connection Card Winners and Go Bears!