April 06, 2020
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Epic Update

Epic Update
One of our major goals with the Epic implementation is integrating information. In order to facilitate better communication between areas like admission, lab, radiology, inpatient and ambulatory documentation, and medical records, we are replacing many of our current applications with Epic applications that perform the same functions. What does this mean? It means we have a lot of work to do to make sure information is getting from one end to the other without any roadblocks! This week, a few members of the Epic build team are here to talk about Integrated Testing.

Epic Update
Hi Riverside! It's been a long time since I've updated you on Epic. We've been working so hard, I lost track of time! This week, Allison Heil from Radiant is here to talk about Epic training and how they're making the training environment as close as possible to what you'll see when you log in for the first time on January 1, 2016.

Epic Update
We're reaching the halfway point and we've brought in Dr. Moss to talk about it.

Epic Update 04-27-2015
The big news for the Epic team and Riverside this week is that we just upgraded our environments to the 2015 version. While this might not mean much to everyone out there in the real world, because you haven’t even had a chance to see the old version, what it means to us is exciting new features! There’s some cool stuff you’re going to like, like easier blood product and PCA ordering, and easier to read reports. There have been improvements and upgrades throughout all the applications. Epic is constantly working to improve an already great product, and it’s been exciting and challenging to work with them. With 8 months left until go live, we’re working hard to pull all the moving parts together for you!

Found Out What Happened This Week in EPIC!

Epic Update
Riverside's Epic Team will hold its second Physician Retreat this Saturday to share the latest updates and steps in the Epic Journey. In addition, our Riverside Epic team shared of themselves with Partners in Caring, raising funds to support these great efforts.

EPIC Update

Epic UserWeb is a great resource available to anyone at Riverside. UserWeb gives you the same access to information that we, the Riverside Epic implementation team, have! It’s full of message boards, documentation, support information, and training videos and tools.  There’s tons of interesting stuff out there, including how other places are using Epic to make a difference for their patients!

Signing up for UserWeb is easy.  All you need is a Riverside email address to get started.  Click here for step by step instructions and get UserWeb'd Savvy!

EPIC Update
Despite the weather taking one step forward and three steps back today, the Epic project at Riverside is cruising along. As Epic Vlogger Julie B. warms up her car, she shares what’s springing up in the weeks to come at Riverside.

EPIC Update
Just like everyone else, the Epic team has job stress and spends way too much time sitting at their desks staring at computer screens or in meetings. Joe Goetzler, application analyst for our ambulatory team, took the initiative and created a REACH-type challenge for us to participate in. For those of you on the Epic team, keep an eye out for more details about Joe’s plans for us. For those of you not on the Epic team, we encourage you to come up with your own ways to de-stress, stay fit, and build a little healthy team competition in your own areas!

EPIC Update
What’s happening in EPIC this week?
- Meetings continue with users (operational owners, physicians, managers, staff) to define our EPIC system
- The team are busy building the system – defining facilities, orders, schedules and users- New hardware options are being considered for bedside/exam room charting
- Training needs are being determined – considering staff group needs, length of time and dates of training
- Training schedules will be available to all areas in June with this training taking place in November and December

EPIC Update
This week, I’ve enlisted the help of some of our Primary Trainers to help put your minds at ease (and to give you a break from looking at ME all the time!). All of our PT’s are working with subject matter experts from all areas of Riverside to ensure the right workflows and information gets incorporated into the training and gets to you, the end user. We’re pretty excited about the functionality Epic is bringing us! There will be familiar things along with all the new, and although the learning curve will be challenging, we know you can do it! With the support and expertise of our fantastic training team leaders you can sleep easy knowing you’ll be in good hands throughout all phases, from implementation to go-live. We’ll continue to check in periodically with the trainers to see what’s new in the coming weeks. And, as always, if you have questions, hear rumors, or just want to know what we’re up to – ask anyone on the Epic team. You can always email me, and if I don’t know the answer I’ll forward your question to someone who will!

EPIC Update
Hey, what’s happening with the Riverside Epic project? If you want to keep up with the latest EPIC info you can find all the info right here each week . Just look to the Connection Newletter! See that EPIC Tab? That’s your resource for everything EPIC here at Riverside. Our Video Blogger and Riverside Epic Project Team Member Julie Bayless keeps us up to date on what’s happening, what’s next and what you need to know!

EPIC Update
Are you seeing a bunch of new faces around your work area this week? That’s because Epic is on site, as our Riverside Epic Project Team begins building our very own Riverside System. Sessions are scheduled to review report content with operational leads. So a lot will be happening these next few days. If you are interested in becoming a SUPERUSER for the project, please contact your manager for more details. To learn more about EPIC, visit www.epic.com.

EPIC Update
Feeling confused about Epic? The Epic team is learning and building new things every day. Let us light your way!

EPIC Update
The Riverside Epic Project Team just finished the third and final round of validations sessions last week! And as we enter February, preparation for the BUILD begins! We are clearing the way to a new and Epic approach to care and communication throughout Riverside Healthcare. "One patient. One record. Connected care." Stay tuned for the Epic Road Show--demos will be coming to your department soon.

Everything is Awesome
This week marks our third and final week of validation. This is a huge milestone and we’re excited to be seeing the light at the end of that tunnel. Although some build has already begun, moving forward this means we are in position to begin our build efforts in earnest on Feb 16th. Please continue to direct any questions about the project to any Epic team member. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll get it for you!

EPIC Update
This past weekend the members of Riverside’s Epic project team held the first of more to come physician retreats. It was the first time we were demonstrating in our own system, without the help of our Epic counterparts. Physicians from many specialties were invited. This was a great way to introduce the members of the clinical applications team from Riverside to physicians, and start to familiarize them with the project. This was a great success! The demos and workflows went well, and we got great feedback from those present. Attendees ranged from those who have never used Epic to those with lots of Epic experience, and enthusiasm for the change was obvious. We hope to do more of these moving forward and intend to involve physicians and other providers in the project as much as we can.

EPIC Update
Questions about Epic at Riverside? Don’t hesitate to ask. Our project team members are here to help you understand the steps, the processes and what’s next. Epic Vlogger Julie Bayless shares more…

Update for January 5, 2015
Riverside’s Epic Project Team members celebrate the new year with resolutions and well wishes for an exciting 2015! Listen in as Julie Bayless, Epic team member and our very own vlogger captures the some of their thoughts, hopes, laughter and more for this year.

EPIC Update
As this year draws to a close, the Epic team gathers their thoughts and gets ready for a very busy year ahead. With visions of gap analyses and validation sessions dancing in their heads, the team continues to compare what we do and how we do things now with what will be needed to "go live" in January 2016. Validation Session II is right around the corner, and some of us are beginning to make our New Year's resolutions. Mine (Julie Bayless) include finishing my Master's before the end of the year and of course, having all order sets ready for go-live! Oh yeah...and get more exercise, too! More resolutions from the team to follow next week. Wishing everyone a very happy and safe beginning to 2015...

Epic Update
There was a good turnout for Validation Session I, but we seeking even greater participation for the next round. Many teams are working on gap analysis (comparisons between the old and the new) to ensure that all required/needed documentation points, orders, details and more are available to users at go-live. In keeping with the themes, Validation Session II is “A Whole New World” from Aladdin, and an upcoming physician engagement event is in the works! Details will come soon!

EPIC Update
Ten more days until Christmas and many on the Riverside / Epic team are receiving their gifts early, as they complete their certifications and start to unwrap the intricacies and importance of this project through each validation session. Although not directly a part of the Epic team, I (Judy Pretto), had the opportunity to participate in validation sessions with other subject matter experts and team members. The critical thinking, collaboration and cooperation that comprises each session is an exciting preview of things to come. Julie, our Epic Riverside vlogger, shares some more news from the heart of the team in this week’s video update.

EPIC Update
This week, the first of the three Epic Validation Sessions are taking place. It includes three days of intensive meetings reviewing the Epic workflows and substantiating the appropriateness of each and every one. There are approximately 100 sessions covering multiple applications and involving some 400 Riverside representatives...WHEW! We are busy, but one thought that keeps us motivated is the opportunity to look to the future possibilities and shed past processes. In the words of "Frozen"...we are ready to "Let it Go" and are excited about the future that we are creating - One patient. One record. One story. Connected care.

Subject Matter Experts: Please answer the call. You make a difference
If you have been identified and called upon to serve as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Epic Project, you will play an integral role in preparation and validation during Epic implementation. Please don’t take this request lightly…your knowledge is important in order to develop a system that meets system-wide needs. SMEs provide the project team with essential operational knowledge, workflow walk-throughs, testing, usability labs, dress rehearsals, department readiness, post-live support, and optimization. Your participation is critical to assuring that the system we implement meets the needs of our organization. Riverside thanks you for your commitment to participating in creating the future of Riverside.

EPIC Update
It’s beginning to look a lot like Epic! And for that we are grateful…Several teams are finishing up their training and doing their final tasks/testing for certification. Our planning/prep is in full swing for the validation sessions coming up in December. As we let go of the past, and focus on the future, we theme this first round of validation sessions after “Frozen”…we are ready to “Let it go!” More on that next week!Wishing each and every one of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

EPIC Update
Listen and learn as our video blogger, Julie, talks with Karen Spangler and DeeAnna Hillebrand, members of the Riverside’s Epic Technical team about their recent certifications. Like Karen and DeeAnna, team members are completing projects and taking exams for certification. In addition, Integrated Areas teams are being formed and kick-off activities scheduled. Teams include Operational Owners and staff. Integrated areas include Business Continuity, Data Migration and Environment Control, Decision Support, Facility Structure, Device Integration, Meaningful Use, Patient Confidentiality, Legal medical Record, and Reporting. These teams will form close relationships as they meet throughout the implementation process.

EPIC Update
Well, it has been almost one month since Riverside kicked off the Epic project. Amidst office area remodels, move ins, trips to Verona, discovery sessions and so much other activity, the team has been busy and boisterous learning about each other, their new roles and how and where one begins to create this innovative, integrated information system for Riverside's future. This week, as you will see, things are quite quiet in the Epic offices as they prepare for their certification exams. As a member of the Epic team, each must pass a series of certification exams to work on the project. Shhhh...High intensity studying is in progress...

EPIC Update
Riverside’s Epic epicenter is buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Team members continue the learning process and prepare for their certification exams. Planning for the Validation Session on December 10-12 is in process. This is the opportunity for Riverside to review the Foundation System workflows and determine if changes are necessary. Data is being collected. Invitations are going out to subject matter experts.

EPIC Update
With many of our Epic Riverside Team members at the Epic Systems headquarters nearly 220 miles outside of Madison, Wisconsin, it's interesting to learn more about their training surroundings, the people and the work they are undertaking to move Riverside's Epic project forward. Interestingly enough, Epic Systems 540-acre campus headquarters is located at 1979 Milky Way in Verona, Wisconsin. And this out-of-this-world location houses more than 4,000 employees and growing. The campus, like Epic's corporate culture with its client-driven appeal, fosters teamwork and collaboration; and our team is experiencing exactly that!

EPIC Update
Last week, The Epic Project officially kicked off. The Kick Off was attended by 75 Epic team members, 30 counterparts from the Epic organization, Leadership, Advisory Group Members, and Subject Matter Experts.Phil Kambic, our CEO and Dr. Keith Moss, our CMIO, discussed the goals and Guiding principles for the implementation.This system wide initiative will impact every staff member. The Epic team has moved into their space at Hoover. This week several of the application teams are in Verona learning about Epic and how to build the system.

EPIC Update
The week has arrived! EPIC @ Riverside is now moving into its new home in the Hoover Building and readying for Tuesday’s official kickoff! We have enlisted the talents of Julie Bayless, EPIC Inpatient CPOE Team Member and now EPIC video blogger, to help us capture the journey to EPIC. Each week, Julie, along with our other EPIC team members will share insights, updates and great information from the epicenter of EPIC and the road as we travel the road to…One patient, one story. Connected care.

EPIC Update

On this day in history--October 6, 1889 | Thomas Edison screens his first motion picture setting in motion a new art form and an industry centered around "moving pictures."

Edison's first motion picture, although not a blockbuster, was certainly an epic success. It changed the world and the way we viewed it. As Riverside enters the countdown to its own Epic launch on October 14, we, too, prepare to change our world and that of those we are given the privilege to care for. It’s an exciting time, and a busy one as well. As planning and preparation for the Epic project continues, the Epic team members are readying for Epic training and certification during the months of October through December. The Epic project’s home base, in the Hoover building, is nearly complete and ready for the team’s arrival on October 13. In addition, clinical, financial and physician advisory councils along with physician champions have also been selected.

On October 14, the Epic project will officially launch at Riverside and in the three days following, Riversides' Epic team along with representatives from Epic’s headquarters will undertake "Discovery Sessions" intended to explore and learn more about Riverside, our organizational culture and our operations. These individuals along with subject matter experts from across our continuum will come together to gain a general understanding of our operational workflows in preparation for future validation sessions in December and January.

It's an exciting time at Riverside. So let's get ready for "lights, cameras, and Epic" action!


We mark yet another milestone in Riverside’s history as we begin our journey to Epic. Over the years, Riverside has relied on a number of separate IT systems from different vendors to meet our clinical and administrative needs. Due to this lack of system integration, many employees and patients experienced challenges with efficiency and exchange of information. EPIC is far more than just a replacement of systems and automation of processes.  Through our unified focus, we will align our continuum in the design and use of an integrated system. This system in turn will provide the support to create even more remarkable experiences, health and wellness in the communities we serve.

We have added the EPIC tab to the CONNECTION to keep you informed on the latest news, developments and updates as we move to, “One patient. One story. Connected Care.”

For more information or questions about the EPIC project, please contact Nives Bernardi , EPIC Project Director at nives-bernardi@riversidehealthcare.com.

Check out who is part of the Riverside EPIC team!