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Riverside Healthcare’s Watseka Campus Celebrates 10 Years

Riverside Healthcare Watseka celebrated its 10th anniversary on Friday. March 12. Providers, staff and Riverside administration took time to recognize the milestone of having served the Watseka and surrounding areas for a decade. The facility opened its doors on Thursday, March 11, 2011. The Riverside Healthcare Watseka Campus, located at 1490 E. Walnut Street in Watseka, offers primary care, specialty care, immediate care and diagnostic services.

“We are proud to have been caring for the community and the region for 10 years in this great facility,” said Riverside President and CEO Phil Kambic. “We knew when we opened in this large, former K-Mart building, that we would have the space to expand services over the years. In addition to those expanded services, we have also developed some great partnerships with Kankakee Community College and Carle Clinic, so they could better serve the community as well. Watseka has always been an important community for Riverside and we look forward to continuing to grow and change to meet the community needs.”

Services available at Riverside’s Watseka Campus include primary and immediate care along with a variety of specialty services that include cardiology, oncology & infusion, neurology, electrophysiology, general surgery, physical therapy, pulmonology, rheumatology, sleep assessments and wound care.

The Riverside Immediate Care in Watseka provides high-quality, walk-in care without the high ER cost. Immediate Care in Watseka is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. On Saturday and Sunday, it is open 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on holidays. It is closed on Christmas Day and Easter. The Immediate Care entrance is located on the east side of the building.

For more information about Riverside Healthcare’s community involvement and award-winning care, visit riversidehealthcare.org

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Be Seen from Home

When home is where you want to be, get care from virtually anywhere with Telehealth Video Visits, E-Visits or Telephonic Visits. Whether through video or online messaging or over the phone, Riverside’s providers will ensure you receive the care you need.

Riverside Telemedicine allows you to be seen from anywhere in Illinois. Our health professionals will ensure you receive the same great care whether through telehealth or in-person.

Schedule a Riverside Video Visit with your Riverside primary care provider, specialty care provider, or after-hours and on the weekend with Immediate Care.

Ready to Schedule?

Here are three easy ways to schedule your video visit.

  • myRiverside MyChart app
  • Online at riversidemychart.org
  • By phone

If you do not have a myRiverside MyChart account, you can request an activation code, click the button below.

Have an account already? Click below to sign in and schedule.

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Contactless Check-in is Now a Thing

Did you know that you can check-in and let the front desk staff know you have arrived for your appointment or procedure without stepping foot into the office? With the new Contactless Check-in feature through MyChart, you can avoid waiting in line and additional close contact as you check-in.

How does it work?
Make sure you have the new myRiverside app downloaded on your phone, it’s free for Apple and Android devices, click here for download. The myRiverside app if fully integrated with your MyChart account and will be a key part of checking-in.

eCheck-in for your appointment or procedure ahead of time. The eCheck-in button will show up in your MyChart account anywhere from three to seven days before your appointment or procedure. Answer the questions to avoid standing in line.

On appointment day, an “I’m Here” button will show up 30 minutes before your scheduled time. Log into your MyChart account from the myRiverside app and click “I’m Here” to let the front desk staff know you have arrived.

Location Services
Make your experience even more seamless and turn on location services. As you near your appointment location, your phone will see that you have pulled up and automatically ask if you want to let the office know you have arrived. Click the pop-up notification and click “I’m Here” and proceed to your appointment.

Appointments & Procedures
The convenient eCheck-in and “I’m Here” process is available for all Riverside appointments, tests, and procedures. Procedures are detailed in your MyChart account but most common tests include MRI, CT, mammogram, ultrasound, and more. Once your provider orders a test or a procedure you have the ability to schedule within your MyChart account.

Contactless check-in is not only convenient, but safe for you and the staff. Don’t forget to try it out at your next appointment or procedure.

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Now available for download: myRiverside App

The NEW myRiverside app has everything you need in one place.

myRiverside is the secure and convenient mobile app for Riverside Healthcare featuring MyChart integration.

• One app for all your Riverside needs
• Access to your health information and lab results
• Schedule appointments, including video visits and COVID tests
• Contactless Check-in
• And more

If you already have a MyChart account, you can use those same login credentials and have instant access to your chart.

Don’t have a MyChart account? Visit riversidemychart.org to set up your account and request an activation code.

Available free for both Apple and Android devices.

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Riverside Healthcare Brings Advanced Imaging Technology to Watseka

KANKAKEE, IL (November 4, 2020) – Riverside Healthcare has announced the expansion of radiology services to Iroquois County with the addition of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) at the Watseka Campus.  

The availability of MRIs in Watseka allows patients in the region a close-to-home option for his advanced diagnostic tool. MRI has a wide range of applications in medical diagnosis covering a variety of specialties. MRI is a noninvasive imaging technique that does not involve exposure to radiation. MR images of the soft-tissue structures of the body—such as the heart, liver and many other organs— is more likely in some instances to identify and accurately characterize diseases than other imaging methods. 

The scanner used at Riverside’s Watseka Campus, the SIGNA Voyager from GE Healthcare, offers several advanced features including:

  • 70cm Wide Bore Technology provides large exceptional patient comfort
  • 550lb patient table weight accommodate patients of all builds
  • Breathe Free & Motion Free lowering stress and decreasing claustrophobia
  • Patient Experience Package including skylights, murals, integrated patient selected music/lighting  

Riverside accepts all physician orders. Patients can schedule an MRI by calling(815) 935-7531. 

Riverside Healthcare’s Watseka Campus offers patients one convenient location with state-of-the-art technology, providers and staff to provide you with excellent care, including the newly expanded Immediate Care.

In addition to MRI, Riverside’s Watseka Campus offers patients a variety of services including:

  • Primary Care
  • Immediate Care
  • Diagnostic Services (labs, X-ray, CT, etc.)
  • Curbside COVID-19 testing
  • Video visits through Riverside MyChart
  • Specialty providers
  • Physical therapy
  • Sleep medicine
  • Occupational medicine
  • Oncology & Infusion services 

Learn more about Riverside’s Immediate Care in Watseka at riversidehealthcare.org.  

Click here to see this press release in Riverside’s newsroom.

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