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Butterfly Award: Mike T.

“Mike is always willing to help out, looks out for patients and never gives me a hard time when I ask him to do something and always takes the best interests of our patients to heart”

“Always available to help anyone each shift. He is very respectful when spoken to and when speaking to me. When interacting with patients he is cool, calm, collected, and is able to redirect patients when possible.”

“Mike always has a positive attitude, is dependable, and adaptable. Mike is observed to be engaging with patients and ensuring the structure of the unit is maintained. Mike has shown flexibility and punctuality when coming onto shift and consistently maintains these characteristics. I am grateful to work with such a helpful, knowledgeable MHT.”

Congratulations to Mike for being named a Butterfly Award recipient.

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Gift Shop December Early Bird Hours

December Early bird Hours! Gift Shop Early Bird Hours are between 5am-10am. These are special early hours to give our night crew, and those of us that like early morning, time to shop. We will be offering 4 Early Bird Hours days during the month of December for your Holiday Shopping.

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DAISY Award Winner: Tess

Congratulations to our newest DAISY Winner: Tess

Here is the story:

I recently had an emergency surgery. July 6th I left work and went to the ER. Dr Jimenez took me to surgery that evening. Tess took care of me in PACU and was is the nurse who brought me up to my room on the fifth floor. When they moved me from the PACU bed, the room bed. I had a pain explosion. Tess went back down to PACU and got the remainder of my pain medicine, so I wouldn’t have to wait for a new order and then stayed with me to make me comfortable till the medicine kicked in and to explain to the Ortho/Neuro team what had happened. She was so kind and went above and beyond to give me excellent care.

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Attitude of Gratitude: December

The Riverside Leadership team wants to express their gratitude for the hard work and dedication our staff has displayed in order to keep our patients, fellow staff members, and community safe and healthy.

Keep a lookout on the Connection to see what upcoming events and activities will be happening around your area as we continue with our Attitude of Gratitude!

Check out this post each week to see what is happening during the week ahead. Also, make sure to read the Well in Mind Self-Care tip each Monday.

Attitude of Gratitude will be giving away event tickets to those who participate in the Attitude of Gratitude contests. Be sure to play to be entered in the drawing!
The more you participate, the greater your chance to win.

  • Submit a photo to a photo challenge
  • Thank a co-worker on Grati-Tuesday through Awards & Recognition in Infor
  • Complete & upload a Fast Break on Wednesdays

Upcoming Events:

This week’s upcoming events can be found in the December calendar:

Fast Break:

Check back each Wednesday to participate in this week’s “Fast Break.”

Photo Challenges:

Submit your photos and coloring pages here to be featured in the Connection.

Photos will be published in the Connection – check back to see others’ submissions.

Send a Thank You:

Thank a co-worker on Grati-Tuesday. Click on “Attitude of Gratitude” in the lower left corner of Rivernet.

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