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October is National Audiology Awareness Month

During National Protect Your Hearing Month this October, encourage your family, friends, and colleagues to practice healthy hearing habits such as wearing hearing protection so they can enjoy the sounds they love for a lifetime.

Let’s celebrate Riverside’s own audiologist, Jana Wahlen, AuD!

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Attitude of Gratitude: October

The Riverside Leadership team wants to express their gratitude for the hard work and dedication our staff has displayed in order to keep our patients, fellow staff members, and community safe and healthy.

Keep a lookout on the Connection to see what upcoming events and activities will be happening around your area as we continue with our Attitude of Gratitude!

Check out this post each week to see what is happening during the week ahead. Also, make sure to read the Well in Mind Self-Care tip each Monday.

Attitude of Gratitude will be giving away event tickets to those that participate in the Attitude of Gratitude contests.  Be sure to play to be entered in the drawing!
The more you participate, the greater your chance to win.

  • Submit a photo to a photo challenge
  • Thank a co-worker on Grati-Tuesday through Awards & Recognition in Infor
  • Complete & upload a Fast Break on Wednesdays

Upcoming Events:

This week’s upcoming events can be found in the October calendar:

Fast Break:

Check back each Wednesday to participate in this week’s “Fast Break”.

Photo Challenges:

Submit your photos and coloring pages here to be featured in the Connection.

Photos will be published in the Connection – check back to see others’ submissions.

Well in Mind: Virtual Mindful Movement

Well in Mind’s Laura Hogan will be leading us in yoga. Join us where ever you are, from home, your desk, the breakroom, anywhere! Register for one (or all!) the sessions by clicking the link below:

Check out the 2022 Calendar

Interested in what could be coming up in 2022 for Attitude of Gratitude? Find the working calendar by using the link below! Please understand that the working calendar is subject to change as we add exciting opportunities and events.

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Let’s Celebrate October Birthdays!

Alfredo Aguirre

Erin Aichele

Allison Albright

Raquel Aleman

Jordan Allen

Scot Allen

Erin Anderson

Steven Anderson

Jasmine Andrew

Stacie Andrews

Laura Antosz

Michelle Arbour

Khalid Arshad

Stephanie Axtell

Maria Ayala

Lisa Barnes

Kristin Bauer

Marissa Belcher

Becky Benjamin

Kyle Benoit

Baylor Billings

Wyvon Blackwell

Dawn Blatt

Sarah Bohash

Josie Bondarowicz

Kelly Boudreau

Josie Bracken

Robin Broling

Heather Buck

Nicole Burgess

Tonita Butler

Lativia Carr

Michela Celot

Antionette Chandler

Robreanna Chapman

Wanda Clincy

Paige Clough

Keegan Cogswell

Dana Cousins

Jean Craft

Viralkumari Daslaniya

Christina Davis

Erin Dean

Meghan Demik

Alexander Denklau

Jessica Deutscher

Mitchell Deval

Brian Deyoung

Jamie Dobin

Danielle Drazen-Acevedo

Maureen Elliott

Andre Fabile

Kaylee Fahnestock

Bobbie Falkner

Roberta Ferreira

Michael Fewkes

Linda Fike

Rebecca Fischer

Terri Fozzard

Leah Frey

Taylor Frye

Kathleen Gallagher

Mckenna Ganassin

Teresa Garcia

Sedinam Gbeku

Brittany Gibson

Ekua Gilbert-Baffoe

Ashlee Gill

Alvina Gonzalez

Kiyah Gonzalez

Simon Gray

Jessica Graziani-Simone

Dana Grunwald

Esperanza Guzman

Jasmine Hall

Skylar Hamblen

Tamara Hammond

Brooklynn Hardy

Airrica Hawkins

Jordan Hawkins

Matthew Hawkins

Allison Heil

Juanette Hemp

Garrard Hendrix

Nicole Hengels

Brian Hess

Kim Hines

Kaleigh Hoekstra

Tina Hudson

Tracy Huerta

Michelle Hull

Dock Hutson

Jenna Ingalls

Olatola Iyi-Ojo

Kimberly Jackson

Sheryl Janik

Michelle Jenczmionka

Emily Jensen

William Johnson

Roy Jonas

Larnie Jones

Renee Kaufman

Alexis Kenworthy

Timothy Ketchum

Sana Khadri

Suleyman Khaleel

Brittany Kinner

Kate Klavohn

Cynthia Koehn

Julie Kohl

Johnette Kramer

Jennifer Kriz

Baylee Kuk

Christopher Kusy

Dawn Labuda

Chasity Lade

Caleb Lane

Ashlee Lara

Jelisa Laurent

Julie Lawrence

Abraham Lee

Joclyn Lergner

Madelene Lewis

Lisa Lukes

Haley Lutes

Lakethia Mack

Sydney Magoon

Kaitlyn Mahnke

Macenzi Maisonneuve

Leslie Malone

Sandra Martin

Moranda Matheson

Muriel Rohannah Matibag

Todd Matson

Sabrina Matthews

Madeline Matz

Verna Mayo

Stacy Mazurek

Kimberly Mccalip

Yensena Mccollum

Lorely Mccord

Cynthia Mcfadden

Andrea Mcnally

Kimberly Meier

Alexis Mepham

Emily Miller

Kayla Moliga

Joanna Molina

Sherri Montgomery

Ashley Moritz

Jean Moy

Pamela Murphy

Annette Norton

Angeline Nowak

Alexis O’Hara

Jessica O’May

Jessica Otto

Puja Patel

Deborah Paulissen

Melissa Payton

Sonia Pena

Alejandra Perez

Heather Perkins

Lakesia Perry

Amber Pesavento

Mayurika Pise

Jacqueline Pittman

Jennifer Pommier

Kristina Pyzik

Arjun Raj

Anahi Ramirez

Jennifer Raymond

Laura Redenius

Meghan Richards

Bradley Richert

Abigail Richey

Skye Rivera

Anne Rockert

Marla Ross

Patrick Rossi

Anna Routson

Daniel Ryan

Areli Salazar

Pamela Schilaci

Richard Schiltz

Brandy Schroeder

Daniel Schultz

Hannah Schwartz

Jason Serpe

Deondrea Shannon

Cynthia Sharp

Tommie Sherman

Jaden Silfies

Sinan Simsir

Katelyn Smith

Kristy Smith

Michelle Smith

Ronald Smith

Meghan Smith-Egizio

Kristin Smith-Fase

Jade Smith-Weybright

Felicia Soranno

Brandi Sorensen

Donnell Spears

Robin Stadeli

Dawn Statler

Lauren Stauffenberg

Alejandra Stearns

Spencer Steidinger

Kristin Stojcevski

Lisa Stolzenbach

Julia Stramaglia

Lindsey Taranowski

Adam Taubert

Liceth Taylor

Matthew Taylor

Regina Tedeschi

Makenzie Teter

Danielle Thomas

Linda Thompson

Sarah Thomson

Mandi Troli

Cheryl Vandyke

Jessica Vick

Janessia Villagomez

Brittany Walker

Sherri Walter

Vivian Wawronowicz

Margaret Wehrle

Elizabeth West

Cayla Wheeler

Kenneth Wheeler

Denise Whitson

Dawn Wilhelmi

Aushemia Williams

Cornelia Williams

Lori Williams

William Wilson

Olarbell Wood

Saroja Yalamanchili

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Army PaYS Ceremonial Signing

As part of Riverside’s commitment to becoming a Veteran Friendly Workplace, we hosted a ceremonial signing of a partnership between Riverside Healthcare and the U.S. Army on Tuesday, September 27. This partnership is called the Partnership for Your Success (PaYS) Program.

Army PaYS Program Overview – The Partnership for Your Success (PaYS) Program is a strategic partnership between the U.S. Army and a cross-section of corporations, companies, and public sector agencies. The Program provides America’s Soldiers with an opportunity to serve their country while they prepare for their future. PaYS Partners guarantee Soldiers an interview and possible employment after the Army. This unique Program is part of the Army’s effort to partner with America’s business community and reconnect America with its Army.

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Well In Mind Self-Care Tip of the Week

Coping with Chronic Stress

The past two years we were thrown right into fight, flight, or freeze mode. There was tremendous fear and uncertainty. Then, after some time, whether or not we liked it, we settled into the closures and new social norms. Right now, two years later, it is safe to say we’re contending with ongoing and severe chronic stress.  So, what are we to do?

  1. Practice awareness of your breathing.  Noticing the gentle rise and fall of our natural breathing has a way of both filling us and comforting us.
  2. Take deep breaths.  Deep breathing, or diaphragmatic breathing, is taking intentional, longer, and fuller breaths all the way down to our abdomen. In doing this, we inhibit our body’s stress response and engage in a calming response.
  3. Exercise. This is one well-proven way to work through the buildup of ongoing stress.
  4. Create perspective. Using the word “and” during this time can help us acknowledge both the painful realities and recognize that there is more happening beyond the pain.
  5. Practice kindness. Performing acts of kindness has been shown to help with stress and increase feelings of happiness.
  6. Adhere to a schedule. Try and create a rhythm for yourself (and your children if you have them living with you). It helps create a sense of predictability and control, which we all need.
  7. Maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Going to sleep and waking up at roughly the same time every day (yes, even on weekends) is shown to benefit not only the quality of our sleep but also our mental well-being.
  8. Lead with self-compassion.  No one functions optimally under conditions of chronic stress—including you. As the world has had to readjust its own expectations, please readjust the expectations you have of yourself.
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