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Well In Mind Self-Care Tip of the Week

Tips for Making Exercise a Habit

7 Tips for Making Exercise Part of Your Daily Routine

  1. Keep it short and sweet: 5-10 minute increments 2-3 times a day might be easier than picking an hour time block
  2. Mix it up: variation maintains motivation!
  3. Start slow: Increase what you already do just slightly to challenge yourself but not discourage
  4. Give yourself room to grow: It’s a skill to grow. Comparison will kill motivation and achievement.
  5. Set a schedule: Writing it in increases the chance it actually happens.
  6. Exercise with others: Accountability is proven effective!
  7. Exercise in the morning: Once the day gets going, too many obstacles can stop you.

Well In Mind – Free, Confidential, Therapy (6 sessions/year) – Ext. 35596

Kristin Bell, LCPC, CEAP & Laura Hogan, LCPC, CEAP

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Attitude of Gratitude: February

The Riverside Leadership team wants to express their gratitude for the hard work and dedication our staff has displayed in order to keep our patients, fellow staff members, and community safe and healthy.

Keep a lookout on the Connection to see what upcoming events and activities will be happening around your area as we continue with our Attitude of Gratitude!

Check out this post each week to see what is happening during the week ahead. Also, make sure to read the Well in Mind Self-Care tip each Monday.

Attitude of Gratitude will be giving away event tickets to those that participate in the Attitude of Gratitude contests.  Be sure to play to be entered in the drawing!
The more you participate, the greater your chance to win.

  • Submit a photo to a photo challenge
  • Thank a co-worker on Grati-Tuesday through Awards & Recognition in Infor
  • Complete & upload a Fast Break on Wednesdays

Upcoming Events:

This week’s upcoming events can be found in the January calendar:

Fast Break:

Check back each Wednesday to participate in this week’s “Fast Break”.

Photo Challenges:

Submit your photos and coloring pages here to be featured in the Connection.

Photos will be published in the Connection – check back to see others’ submissions.

Send a Thank You:

Thank a co-worker on Grati-Tuesday. Click on “Attitude of Gratitude” in the lower left corner of Rivernet.

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Now that you have enrolled in your employee benefits

Now that you have enrolled in your employee benefits… your new benefits will be effective Jan. 1, 2023

ID Cards

Medical ( Keep your current UMR Health Insurance ID cards to use when you go to the pharmacy or to your doctors and other medical appointments. If you are new to the plan or have changed plans, your new card will arrive in the mail by the end of December.

Dental ( You will only receive a new dental card if you are new to the plan or changed plans.

Vision ( There is no ID card for vision. You simply make your appointment with a VSP provider and they will look you up in their system.

Visit on your desktop or tablet device.  If it’s your first time visiting us, click the Login/Register button to open an account. Make sure you have your ID card handy and follow the steps to get started.

The new UMR mobile app is now live and available for download through Google Play and Apple Stores. It appears as:  UMR | Health

  • View your medical claims and access your pharmacy benefits.
  • Check in at your convenience to see if a claim has been processed and what you might owe.
  • Find a Doctor in Network
  • Learn about medical conditions and your treatment options.

Optum Bank® HSA and FSA

Keep using your Optum Bank® debit card to pay your out-of-pocket eligible health care expenses.  If you are new to the plan, your debit card will be mailed to your home address. Your HSA card will come from Empower Retirement as they work together with Optum Bank® for investing.  FSA cards come directly from Optum Bank®

Log into to register and be sure to check out the many educational resources such as videos and webinars for help with using and making the most of your HSA account.  Use the convenient mobile app to check your balance, view your claims, monitor payments, receive messages, and submit or save receipts.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) – If you have a remaining balance from 2022, you can use your Optum Bank debit card to spend down your remaining balance. You will have until 3/15/23 to incur claims and until the end of the month to submit those claims.


Discover the convenience of home delivery from OptumRx.  Home delivery is safe and reliable, and you get:

  • A three-month supply of your medication, saving you time and money
  • Free standard shipping
  • Phone access to pharmacists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Helpful reminders letting you know when to take or refill your medications

 It’s easy to sign up and start saving. Just choose one of the options below:

  • Ask your doctor to send an electronic prescription to OptumRx.
  • Visit or use the OptumRx app. From there, you can fill new prescriptions, transfer others to home delivery and more.
  • Call the toll-free number on your member ID card to speak to a customer service advocate.

Check your paystub on Friday, 1/13/2023

It is always important to regularly review your pay stub.  With the new benefit deductions appearing on the first check of the year, please take a moment and confirm that your benefit deductions are correct. 

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Wreaths of Joy Raffle Information

Spread joy this holiday season by participating in the Riverside’s Wreaths of Joy raffle fundraiser!

All wreaths presented were created by employees to auction off in benefit of cancer care services at Riverside.

The raffle is opens Tuesday, November 22, and will close Friday, December 16.

Wreaths will be displayed in the Pavilion Walkway for the duration of the raffle.

How to win:

  1. Choose the wreath(s) you would like to enter to win.
  2. Purchase raffle tickets with the correlating number. Each ticket equals one raffle entry. You will receive 1 extra entry for every 5 tickets purchased. Tickets are $1 per ticket (or 6 for $5, 24 for $20). Raffle tickets are available from Tuesday, November 22, through Friday, December 16. All raffle tickets are purchased through the Wreaths of Joy raffle website below.
  3. Winners will be selected in a drawing on Friday, December 16.
  4. Wreaths can be picked up by winners on December 16, 19, and 20, from the Foundation Office in Administration on the 2nd floor of the Pavilion.
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