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Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

The ABC’s (and D’s) of Medicare

Help our patients understand the pros and cons of the different types of Medicare. Here’s a quick overview.

Original Medicare

  • Includes Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance).
  • Only pays for about 80% of healthcare costs.
  • Doesn’t cover every type of service.
  • Doesn’t cover most dental, vision and hearing services.
  • Covers only a small number of medications.
  • Has no out-of-pocket limit.

Medicare Supplement (Medigap)

  • An add-on to Original Medicare.
  • Covers remaining costs once Original Medicare has paid its share.
  • Only covers services Original Medicare covers.
  • Doesn’t include prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Part D

  • Prescription drug coverage.
  • For those on Original Medicare, Part D is an add-on they purchase separately from a private insurance company. If they don’t enroll when they’re first eligible, they’ll pay a penalty if they choose to add Part D later.

Medicare Advantage (Part C)

  • Takes the place of Original Medicare.
  • Typically combines Parts A, B and D (hospital, medical and prescription drug coverage) in one single plan.
  • Plans have out-of-pocket limits, so members won’t pay over a certain amount.
  • Plans often include dental, vision and hearing coverage.
  • Plans can include extra perks such as fitness benefits and wellness programs.

Please remind our patients to review their Medicare coverage by December 7. They can learn more by:

  • Calling (877) 642-4753 (TTY 711).
  • Attending a webinar to learn about our Simplete® Riverside Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Visiting this page about Medicare and this link about our Simplete plans.
  • Visiting to view plans, enroll and more.
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Help Us Honor: Year of the Nurse

This year, Riverside nurses proved again they are brave and compassionate heroes showing up daily to COVID units, holding the hands of our highest-risk patients in nursing homes and during cancer treatments, and in every physician’s office. Before the year began, the World Health Organization designated 2020 the Year of the Nurse. This year it is especially timely to show our appreciation!

Riverside is excited to launch the Year of the Nurse Fund which will provide clinical tools that assist our nurses in their essential work and to provide professional training. The Foundation will work directly with nursing leadership to select and fund projects of highest priority and impact to both nurses and patients.

Will you consider making a gift to honor a nurse you know or in appreciation of nurses collectively? All honorees celebrated with a gift will be listed on the Year of the Nurse web page

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Well In Mind Mindful Minute: One Simple Pandemic Stress Reducer

UK researchers out of the University of Sussex found that in as little as 6 minutes: reading a novel that transports you into a character’s world, you can reduce stress by 68% with lowered heart rate and muscle tension!  Reading outshined listening to music, taking a walk or having a cup of your favorite warm beverage.

Book readers live an average of two years longer than non-readers, according to research published in Social Science & Medicine. Compared to those who didn’t read books, people who read for up to 3.5 hours per week had a 17% lower risk of dying over the next 12 years; and those who read more than 3.5 hours per week lowered the risk of dying prematurely by 23%.

Also, lifelong readers have been found to have more protection against Lewy bodies, amyloid burden, and tangles in their brains over a six-year study, published in Neurology. Reading into one’s older years reduced memory decline by more than 30%, compared to other forms of mental activity.

Well In Mind EAP is here for you.  Call 815-933-2240 to schedule.

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Medicare Annual Enrollment Period – Busting Common Myths About Medicare Advantage Plans

It’s Medicare Annual Enrollment Period and your patients might have questions about Medicare Advantage plans. Help them separate myth from fact.

Myth – Medicare Advantage plans don’t offer access to enough providers.
Fact – The government makes sure all Medicare Advantage members have access to in-network providers. Plus plans must find a doctor and cover their services at the in-network rate if they don’t have an in-network specialist for a member’s specific condition.

Myth – With Medicare Advantage you need a referral to see a specialist.
Fact – Many plans, including the Simplete® plans we offer through Health Alliance™, don’t require you to get a referral, although a member’s doctor might.

Myth – Low premiums mean the coverage must be bad.
Fact – A plan with a low or $0 premium doesn’t mean it offers bad coverage. In some cases, these plans even cover extra services, like dental, vision and hearing.

Myth – A Medicare Supplement plan gets you more coverage than a Medicare Advantage plan.
Fact – Medicare Supplement plans cover only the services Original Medicare does. Medicare Advantage plans can offer additional coverage. They often include drug coverage and extras, like dental, vision, fitness perks and more.

Please remind your patients to review their coverage by December 7. They can learn more by:
• Calling (877) 642-4753 (TTY 711).
• Attending a webinar to learn about our Simplete Medicare Advantage plans.
• Visiting this page about Medicare and this link about our Simplete plans.
• Visiting to view plans, enroll and more.

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