DAISY Award Winner: Deb J.

Chief Nursing Officer LaTivia Carr, recognized Deb Johnson, PCD as our most recent DAISY Award Winner. The DAISY Award is an honor that recognizes the exceptional, skillful, and compassionate care these nurses demonstrate for our patients and families every day.

Deb was nominated by a patient, “I would like to nominate RN Deb Johnston for the Daisy Award. I recently went in for an angiogram. Deb was my nurse. She was very friendly and explained everything to me in detail and answered all of my concerns, as I was nervous. She was very thorough and so kind. She was gentle when putting in the 2 IV’s for the procedure. After the procedure was over, she was already there to care for me. I mentioned that I had “squiggly” dark lines in my peripheral vision in my left eye. She immediately got the cardiologist and team to my recovery room. She was definitely in charge of the situation. They moved me to the ER after a CT scan of my brain. A stroke was ruled out and it went away. I had had a headache so it was more than likely a migraine. They had gone in through my wrist for the angiogram. I had a plastic air-filled pressure bracelet on my wrist. She came to the ER from her department to explain and instruct the ER nurse on how to slowly release the air from the bracelet. She ended up going from her department to the ER, every time that air needed to be released. She came at least five times. After it was taken off, she dc’ the bandage and told them when I could be released to go home. She went over instructions again with me. I feel that with all of her running back and forth to care for me, as well as her other patients, she went so above and beyond!! She deserves the DAISY award. On a side note, my husband has had multiple Cath lab procedures over the last year and he has had Deb several times too. She has always been a very efficient, professional, friendly nurse for him as well. But her above and beyond with me was just that – ABOVE and BEYOND!!!” #DAISYAward

If you have had or witnessed extraordinary nursing care and would like to nominate your Riverside Healthcare nurse, visit http://bit.ly/Riverside_Daisy