DAISY Winner: Hannah L.

We are celebrating Labor and Delivery RN Hannah L. as our most recent DAISY Award Winner. The DAISY Award is an honor that recognizes the exceptional, skillful, and compassionate care these nurses demonstrate for our patients and families every day.

A patient nominated Hannah, “Hannah came on and took care me the morning of April 7th. I was 35 weeks and had preeclampsia again this time around. I was pushing and Hannah stated that if the baby’s heartbeat didn’t increase then we would be going back for a C-section. After about 10 seconds, she stated that we were going to be going for an emergency c-section due to the baby’s heartbeat being super low and not coming back up. Her and the two other nurses were super-fast at getting me right into the OR. Hannah advocated for me, when the anesthesiologist tried to put me to sleep, and kept telling him that my epidural was working and they could use that to numb me even more, instead of putting me to sleep. My baby was out within 5 minutes of Hannah using her best judgment and telling me I needed a C-section. I was awake to hear my baby cry after she was out and for that I am so thankful. I cannot thank Hannah enough for her skills, compassion, knowledge, and promptness to keep me and my baby safe. Hannah returned the next morning and took care of me again. She listened to my needs and concerns and did everything she possibly could for me to be comfortable. I’m so thankful for the bond that I felt was so easy to establish with her. I will forever be thankful for her.”