Medicare Enrollment Period: Helping Our Patients Stay Fit

As our patients shop and enroll in Medicare plans this fall, many are looking for options that help them take a proactive approach to staying healthy.

As you know, Riverside Healthcare partners with Health Alliance™ to offer Simplete® Medicare Advantage plans that include extra perks, like fitness benefits and wellness programs. These are designed with our community in mind.

Our plans include a free membership to the Riverside Fitness Center. The facility features state-of-the-art equipment, a lap and therapy pool, racquetball and basketball courts, an indoor track and more. Group exercise classes for members include a variety of options, like chair yoga and aquatic fitness.

For those who want to exercise elsewhere, the Be Fit program provides a reimbursement of up to $360 per year at the gym of their choice. It covers membership and standard fitness class fees, but it can’t be used for services like personal trainers or personal equipment that require additional fees. Find more information here.

These are just two of the extras included in our Simplete plans. Learn more about other perks, programs and extras here. Let’s help our patients find proactive ways to take care of their health and well-being.

Please remind our patients to review their Medicare coverage by December 7. They can learn more by:
• Calling (877) 642-4753 (TTY 711).
• Attending a webinar to learn about our Simplete Riverside plans.
• Visiting this page about Medicare and this link about our Simplete Riverside plans.
• Visiting to view plans, enroll and more.

Article provided by Health Alliance.