Riverside Manpower Pool is Open

COVID-19 continues to spread quickly in our area and we need your help!  

Riverside’s Manpower Pool is now open to help us train and re-deploy staff to help care for our patients and yes, to work extra to live our mission of caring to our community–and to support our team. You do not have to be clinical staff to help….we’ll work to find a spot for you!

Current needs we are aware of include:

  • Nurses
  • C.N.As.
  • Patient care sitters
  • VRM sitters
  • We also are in immediate need of a sitter for an Assisted Living resident 

Any help is welcomed–although you may be stepping outside of your comfort zone. The  Manpower Pool will get you trained or scheduled for a shift. Some training is completely online; some of you may not need any training based upon your experience. Your safety is of the utmost importance in scheduling you for redeployment.

To get trained or scheduled for a shift, please email Manpowerpool@rhc.net and provide a callback number, or call extension 22702 or 815-935-3276 (Riverside’s ODL Department).

If you do not currently work in an inpatient area, training for Nurse/C.N.A. staff being redeployed is available below. The FULL class assumes you have never worked in the inpatient area. The refresher course is for staff who were trained during the COVID Spring surge and want a refresher. The course covers skills and Epic documentation for the inpatient setting. 

Sitter and VRM Sitter training are online via OLIE. Time to attend any training is expensed to the Manpower Pool.

Our organization is providing, like so many across the country, additional incentives listed below to encourage you to pick up extra shifts above your FTE to respond to care for our patients. The incentives below are for our hourly staff and are in place for 11/1/2020 to 1/31/2021. Note: Stipends for salaried staff picking up shifts above his/her FTE are also available but not displayed in this email!  Contact the Manpower Pool—we have needs and will work to find a spot where you can help—safely!

THANK YOU for your commitment to our coworkers and our patients!