Nurse's Month: Self-Care Winners!

Congrats to these 10 winners who were be presented their massages.  It is incredibly heartwarming to see the dedication and compassion of Riverside Nurses as well as the admiration and respect for team members.  Thank you to all the passionate care provided to our patients!

David LukowskiDavid is a very compassionate and caring nurse who goes above and beyond for his patients. He will frequently encourage patients to care for their needs while neglecting his own to care for them. He needs a little extra self-care because he deserves it for all the support he provides to his patients and his teammates.
Brad BoswellBrad helps the rehab team to remain level headed when things get hectic and frustrating. He is a voice of reason and a friendly team leader willing to jump in and assist.
Sarah KardoshShe gives great care to her patients and is always helpful to her patients, families, and coworkers. She is also pregnant, so she deserves some extra self care. 
Amy HansonAmy is compassionate and caring for all her patients
Chloe DaltonChloe is a very hard worker who has been taking on extra duties around our unit to help cover shifts and to help our unit run smoothly. She deserves some much needed self care! 
Kelly KohlerKelly does an excellent job juggling rooming to ancillaries to prior auths, approvals, med refills and patient calls as the sole nurse in her clinic with a smile always on her face! I think she has definitely earned it!!
She goes above and beyond to provide exceptional patient care 
Lalar MelvinLalar is a compassionate, caring, grateful, giving person.  She has shown those to myself as a co-worker and to my daughter when she is her patient, by making sure we both are OK due to our health issues.  She puts in extra in other departments to help this hospital out when in need.  Lalar deserves the self care and gratitude for her extended compassion for Riverside, her patients, and co-workers.
I’m nominating LALAR because she is always going above and beyond to help with patient care. She is an amazing Nurse and a wonderful teacher and role model to me personally and I always look forward to working with her! Because she is such a hard worker and always puts others first- I would love to see her take a little time to get pampered! She definitely deserves it!  
Alexa KiefferShe always works so hard and takes great care of others, at work, and at home. She deserves some quality extra care.
Jen KarkosJen is newer to RMC, but she steps up and is team-oriented. She isn’t afraid to jump in and help in anyway. She deserves a little pampering. 
Kathy Boudreau, RNKathy always comes in to help when we are short staffed. She is the definition of a team player. She always goes above and beyond for her patients, even if it is her 5th shift in a row. Kathy needs a little extra love because the extra shifts are wearing on her. 
Kathy has been loyal to organization for a LONG time and she is one of the most knowledgable hardworking RNs in the facility. She is a great resource.
Kathy is my mother-in-law and also an ICU nurse here at Riverside. She works long hours and picks up extra to help out in need. She is always putting others before herself. She loves her job and coworkers, and enjoys taking care of patients and their families. She deserves a little extra love  and some time to herself to relax and be pampered. She deserves the put herself first so that she can continue going above and beyond for her patients.
Kathy has been at Riverside for as long as I can remember. She is an amazing nurse, that always gives her best to her patients. She often neglects her own self needs to pick up extra shifts, so that patients are receiving great care. 
Always willing to help others and willing to pick up to help staff
Kathy has tirelessly worked many hours in the ICU…day and night! She has consistently provided excellent care for her patients and families and deserves a little TLC for herself.