Welcome to Week One of the MOVEmber Challenge!

Week 1: Welcome to the Challenge!

We are thrilled you have decided to enhance your wellbeing by participating in this four-week steps challenge.

Regular brisk walking is a fantastic way to maintain a healthy weight and keep you feeling energized. As you begin planning your routine, here are a few tips to get you off on the right foot:

  1. Choose the right attire. Make sure you’re walking in sturdy shoes that have proper arch support, a firm heel and thick, flexible soles to absorb shock and cushion your feet. Wear clothes you feel comfortable in and ones that protect you in various types of weather, if needed. If you choose to walk outdoors in the evening, wear reflective clothing to ensure visibility.
  2. Plan your course with care. If you choose to walk outdoors, plan several routes for variety where you feel comfortable and safe. Make sure the routes are well-lit and if you’re walking alone, let someone know where you’re headed.
  3. Warm up before you begin. For the first five to 10 minutes of your walk, go at a slower pace to warm up your muscles.
  4. Cool off afterwards. For the last five to 10 minutes of your walk, cruise at a slower pace to cool down.
  5. Stretch. After exercise, stretch your muscles gently to prevent any stiffness.

Complete the challenge by reporting at least 200,000 steps and you will earn 25 points toward your 2022 wellness incentive. The challenge ends on Dec. 4, but you will have until Dec. 11 to report the previous week’s steps.

Keep your eye out for weekly emails with tips and motivation to help you make the most of the challenge. Be sure to explore the wellness portal as well for resources and tools to keep you going.

Don’t forget to sync your step tracking device to the site to begin auto-reporting your activity, or self-report the number of steps you complete each day. Log in to www.RiversideHealthcare.org/REACH on your desktop or mobile device to begin recording your activities.