Well in Mind: How to Manage Zoom Burnout

Between all the Zoom meetings for work, school, and social distancing, some of us may be on the brink of virtual burnout. Burnout is a kind of mental, emotional, and even spiritual exhaustion coming from the drain of tasks that are both challenging and overwhelming in some way, without the reprieve or release of something that can recharge you in a meaningful way. 

Have you noticed a new onset or an increase in the following?

  • Pre-emptively feeling fed up just thinking about the next zoom meeting.
  • Becoming easily irritated or frustrated with loved ones or co-workers.
  • Zoning out during video calls or missing messages.
  • Experiencing anxiety about virtual responsibilities and deadlines.
  • Emotional numbness or feeling isolated. 

What you can do:

  • Talk it out: have an honest conversation about what will help to take some pressure off during your Zoom calls
  • Break it down: Break the tasks of the day into chunks, giving yourself short breaks between virtual calls and tasks. Use that time to stand up, stretch, get water, step outside- something that can help recharge you
  • Give your phone a bedtime: At least 30 minutes before bed, put all electronics away to give your eyes a break. This will help clear your head, boost your mood, and will increase the chance of a good night’s sleep
  • Do a digital detox: Set digital boundaries by unplugging, turning off devices, or muting notifications and make time to get outdoors, read a physical book, connect with someone face-to-face, or otherwise engage your environment. 

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