Well in Mind Self-care Tip of the Week

Ways to Create Structure When Life is Constantly Changing

  1. Create quiet time: agree on times at home where everyone will find space alone to engage in quiet activities, or try eating lunch alone at work to step away from stimulation
  2. Set goals each day: the act of setting goals and checking your progress is directly related to achieving them. Set small goals each day to help gain a sense of achievement
  3. Stick to a schedule: Set regular start times, end times, and frequent breaks to help you stay on track and focused and to create balance between work and relaxation time
  4. Stay connected: schedule times to talk to friends, family, and co-workers to help combat isolation and enhance feelings of community and connection
  5. Take a break from the news: If what you’re reading or watching isn’t new information, shut it down! Watching as little as 14 minutes of distressing news can increase anxiety
  6. Walk it off: Taking a quick walk around your office, home, or neighborhood Is enough to boost your mood, decrease fatigue, and increase focus and creativity
  7. Make time for hobbies: taking time to pursue hobbies can reduce the risk of depression
  8. Engage in mindfulness activities:  Practice focusing on your senses (what you can hear, smell, taste, touch, see) in this moment. Aim for 1-5 minutes. You can also focus on your breathing, noticing the sensations of what it feels like to breathe in the body.